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Joomchi and Beyond, February 18-19, 2023

February 18 @ 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

This class is currently at capacity. To be added to a waiting list, please send your name and the name of the class to us using the button below. We'll let you know if a spot opens up in this session. Please also consider the Joomchi class currently scheduled for February 16 and 17!

A 2-Day In-Studio Workshop Intensive with a Visiting Instructor!

Saturday and Sunday, February 18–19, 10am-4pm

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About this Workshop:

“Joomchi” is a unique Korean traditional way of making textured handmade paper by using water and eager hands. This workshop offers participants the opportunity to become acquainted with its history, practice, and role in Korean society, as well as the hands-on techniques and reinterpreted adaptations into a contemporary art form. Joomchi creates strong, textural and painterly surfaces by layering and agitating Hanji (Korean mulberry papers). Its usages are diverse, and it can be incorporated into surface design, collage, a new way of drawing, wearable, unconventional body ornament, or sculptural objects: 2-D & 3D, either functional or fine art oriented.

Level: All levels welcome – previous papermaking experience is helpful, but not required.

Registration closes February 3, 2023. Material fees are included with your registration, though a list of additional items needed to be gathered/purchased will be sent with your confirmation.

Sample images by Jiyoung Chung


Registration includes a $35 materials fee to cover the supplies provided in class, including 5 sheets of 100 percent Korean Mulberry Paper. In addition, students will need to gather/purchase additional supplies to bring to class. At registration, students will receive the full materials list (with any helpful links) to purchase these supplies. The list includes:

  • 1 Corrugated plastic board (size: smallest 20”x 30”)
  • 1 cylinder-shaped/round wood dowel (1” thickness and at least 24” length) Note: It should be straight. One that is curved is not usable. Available at hardware/home improvement stores such as Home Depot or Ace. 
  • 1 Water sprayer with adjustable nozzle—a larger-sized one is recommended
  • 1 old towel, larger than the corrugated plastic board—should be clean, but something you don’t mind getting dye on
  • A waterproof apron (or substitute clothing you don’t mind getting dye on)
  • 1-2  Ziplock bags (sandwich size)
  • Scraps of newspaper, rice paper, cotton, etc. in various colors from your personal stash—the more the merrier!
  • Thread in various colors and thickness, with a thick/big eye needle
  • 2 pieces of 24″ x 28″ Bubble wrap (size of the bubbles doesn’t matter)
  • A roll of tape – any kind will do
  • (optional) Personal scissors or paper cutter (we’ll have some on hand too)
  • (optional) A sketchbook or some loose copy paper and a drawing tool
  • (optional) Permanent markers in a variety of different colors and thickness


Jiyoung Chung is a Joomchi artist, painter and freelance writer who shows her works nationally and internationally. She has developed an innovative method for utilizing a traditional Korean method of papermaking called Joomchi into contemporary art form. Jiyoung (B.F.A., Painting from RISD, and M.F.A., Print/Media from Cranbrook Academy of Art) has had numerous solo shows (31 times) in Korea, U.S.A., Australia, France, Finland, Romania, and UK. In 2010, she curated the International Korean/American Joomchi show for European Patchwork Meeting in France, later toured in Korea (2010/11/12/14/16) and in America (2012, 2015). She authored a how-to-do book titled Joomchi & Beyond. In 2012, she was awarded an “Award of Excellence” by American Craft Council/Baltimore show and Adrianna Farrelli Prize, ‘Excellence in Fiber Art’, Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show. In 2013, she received the Silver Prize at The 8th Cheonggju International Craft Competition, Korea. Her works are in the permanent collections of Fidelity Corporate Art Collection, Boston and Museum of Art & Design, NY.

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