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Are We There Yet: New Work by Wesley Clark

June 17 - July 31

Free and open to the public, online and in-person during regular studio hours


Are We There Yet features new works that primarily consist of graphite drawings and lithographic prints, the latter made at Pyramid Atlantic during Clark’s recent Keyholder Residency. At their core, the works are exercises in mark making, expressing pent up energies—thoughts, feelings, and conversations. “Where do I want to go,” “Where should I go,” and “Where am I going” are encapsulated in the phrase “Are We There Yet.”

Clark begins from words, which are sometimes worked to a degree of obscurity by the time the work is complete. “The words originate from songs, sermons, or conversations and are chosen for a particular strength or for a need to further ponder,” says the artist. “While executing a work, the word(s) fall back to a low mental reverb; a gentle processing of their meaning or relevance.”

During his residency at Pyramid, Clark delved into lithography with support from the printshop at Pyramid Atlantic. “The lithographic works required a deconstructive analysis of my drawing process. The adding and subtracting of material to control the tonal spectrum to reach a similar execution is almost completely reversed with many unknowns tossed in for good measure. This makes for a whole new discovery at the time of pulling the prints.”

Pyramid is thrilled to exhibit Clark’s drawings and lithographs in this exhibition. When asked about his residency, Clark remarked “Working at Pyramid Atlantic has been an eye opening experience, like being inducted into the CIA. I knew of its existence, but I had no clue of the National and global reach of this high level printshop operating right down the street from me. This residency gave me the time, space, and opportunity to explore ideas that had been brewing for quite some time.”



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